The time period for MGT report feedback has ended.

A thank you from the President

I would like to thank those who reviewed the MGT report and provided feedback.

The feedback period has concluded. An external firm is actively analyzing the input from the Texas A&M community to ensure a thorough and unbiased evaluation. I will post that analysis on this website.

As I previously shared, I anticipate announcing in December which recommendations will be accepted, rejected, modified or require further study.

Next steps will include the formation of an implementation oversight committee and working groups. Nominations will be requested to identify those to serve on these groups.

Forums will be held to discuss implementation. Again, your participation will be a crucial part of our process.

I look forward to and appreciate your continued participation as we move forward.

M. Katherine Banks

About the MGT Report

MGT Consulting and Martin+Crumpton Group were hired by the Texas A&M University System in June 2021 to conduct a high-level, comprehensive review of major functional areas at Texas A&M University. This review focused on the organizational structure of central offices at the executive level and administrative units at the college level. The consultant team was charged with conducting interviews with a wide range of individuals in leadership positions, including faculty senate leadership, as well as providing the opportunity for input through surveys of faculty, staff, students, and former students. The consultant team was asked to identify changes to restructure Texas A&M University in a significant way to increase effectiveness and transparency and contribute to overall student success. Read the MGT Report